The Seeker and His Cross

Bucharest: Eikon, 2022. [In Romanian.]

Philosophy in a Nutshell

Vol. 1, From the Presocratics to Hegel

Bucharest: Eikon, 2021. [In Romanian.]

Philosophy in a Nutshell

Vol. 2, From Schopenhauer to Postmodernism

Bucharest: Eikon, 2021. [In Romanian.]

The Visible Side of Love

In Defense of the Christian Faith

Cluj-Napoca: Renașterea, 2019. [In Romanian.]

When Love is the Name of Truth

Studies on Theology and Philosophy

București: Eikon, 2018. [In Romanian.]

Paradoxes and Kneels

Thoughts on Philosophy and Faith

București: Eikon, 2017. [In Romanian.]

Apology after the End of Metaphysics

Theology and Phenomenology in Jean-Luc Marion

București: Eikon, 2016. [In Romanian.]

Postmodernism and Apophatic Theology

An Apology against Weak Thought

Florești, Cluj: Limes, 2014. [In Romanian.]

Cioran or the Excess as Philosophy

2nd ed. Florești, Cluj: Limes, 2013. 1st ed. 2008. [In Romanian.]

Marx and Religion

An Introduction

Cluj-Napoca: Eikon, 2013. [In Romanian.]

Abyss and the Other Love

Florești, Cluj: Limes, 2012. [In Romanian.]

Faith as Philosophy

Marginalia to the Thought of the Christian Tradition

Cluj-Napoca: Eikon, 2011. [In Romanian.]

Beginning of Suspicion

Kant, Hegel & Feuerbach on Religion and Philosophy

Cluj-Napoca: Eikon, 2011. [In Romanian.]

On Master and Other Encounters

Essays & Reviews

Cluj-Napoca: Limes, 2010. [In Romanian.]

God of Small Thoughts

Cluj-Napoca: Limes, 2009. [In Romanian.]

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